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Provide Better User Experience Online

Provide Better User Experience Online

Feel The Power Of A Website Audit

A website audit is a vital tool at your disposal for increasing the effectiveness of your website, whether to spread brand awareness, inform customers, or convert. Without it, you could be missing out on critical opportunities.

At Caerus, we use a detailed website audit process to identify issues with your current pages and make corrections so that you can maximise your business opportunities, no matter what industry you occupy. With us, you can get a detailed report on where your website might be letting you down, make changes and dramatically improve your ROI. 

Our comprehensive process weeds out potential issues with your site and corrects them so that you can serve your audience better.

Get Results and Boost your Business

Website audits are ideal for businesses with a variety of goals. Here are some of the things that they can help you achieve:

At Caerus, we use multiple, sophisticated tools that complement the audit process to enhance the function of your site. These techniques include keyword selection, HTML scripting, CSS, error crawling, and site mapping, to name a few. 

Provide Better User Experience Online

Boost User Experience

Search engines like Google want to forward their customers to websites that provide them with fabulous experiences. It’s up to you, therefore, to ensure that your site is slick, responsive and available across a variety of platforms, including mobile.
Website audits weed out issues that might be putting consumers off. They discover, for instance, whether you’re targeting the wrong demographics, suffering from slow page loading speeds, or putting users off with poor UI.

Identify Traffic Trends

Knowing where your traffic comes from is a critical component for improving the performance of your site. You want to know when people visit daily, weekly or monthly to find out more about consumer behaviour and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Gain More Organic Traffic

If you’re struggling to understand why your competitors continue to outrank you for particular keywords, a site audit can help. With a site audit, you can find out if something is letting you down and what you can do about it. It could be a lack of engaging content, poor page loading speeds or a lack of suitable metatags. With us, you can discover what it is and resolve the problem.

Find Out About Your Competitors

Knowing the tactics that your competitors are using is vital if you want to surge ahead of them in the race to grab attention online. With a free website audit report, you can get the low-down on the strategies other companies in your industry use to gain customers and emulate them. You can find out where their links come from, the content they create, and the keywords that they target.
Discover New Sources Of Revenue

Discover New Sources Of Revenue

Discovering new sources of revenue is often an unexpected byproduct of a website audit. At Caerus, we look for influencers, media outlets and affiliates who repeatedly link to your product and brand pages. These individuals and organisations are the perfect people to partner with, thanks to their organic, pre-existing interest in your business. Getting them to promote your products to their audiences can dramatically boost revenue streams for your business.

Improve Your Keyword Distribution

The algorithms that Google and other search engines use cannot understand the content of your website in the same way as, say, a person can. Because of this, they look for quantifiable features in the text instead, such as the distribution of keywords, as an indication of quality and relevance.
Google isn’t keen on “keyword stuffing” or the practice of placing as many targeted keywords in the content as possible. It can, therefore, punish websites that it thinks are using this tactic. A website audit removes this risk by searching for instances where Google might detect evidence of the practice and eliminates them.

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