Want A Thriving Online Business? Focus On E-Commerce !

Focus on E-Commerce

There is no denying that e-commerce is a multi-billion dollar industry. Current research suggests that it’ll be worth $2.14 billion by 2021! Buying products and services on the Internet is now a common practice.


With the evolution of smartphone technology, mobile purchases are also increasing. From ordering a pizza to a brand new car, you can buy almost anything online.


Whether you run a small business or are a large-scale global industry leader, one thing is for sure. It would be best if you were selling online to increase profits and expand your business.


Of course, the subject of e-commerce can be a complex minefield for those new to selling online. Here’s why you should have an e-commerce website:


Your e-commerce business will overcome geographical limits.

With a traditional “bricks and mortar” business, there will always be limitations. One of those is who you can sell to; your target audience! For the most part, conventional firms will only sell to their local area or region. That’s because the cost involved with selling beyond borders can end up being relatively high.


The cost isn’t down to shipping fees, but it’s more down to opening up physical stores or outlets. One of the most significant selling points of e-commerce is that selling to a global audience is cheap. Your “online store” is what your international customers will access. And that means the cost of operating such a storefront is relatively low.


Want to know more about how we can help you target an international audience?

Your customers can buy from you 24/7.


As a business, you want to be there when your customers need you most. However, it can be challenging to open up your premises and have staff running them 24 hours a day. One of the visible hurdles is that your staffing overheads become much higher.


Your business can sell to your customers at any time of the day or night with an online presence. That is, even if your physical location is only open from Monday to Friday 9-5!


E-commerce websites can display to your customers the products and services you offer. They can then choose to buy them at any time of the day or night, or even on the weekend. Your staff only need to process their orders when they are next in the office.


As for the cost element? Setting up a new e-commerce site represents a mere fraction of the cost of opening up your premises 24 hours a day.


Learn how we can help you sell to your customers 24/7!


You get to learn more about your customers through e-commerce.

If a customer buys something via telephone or in-person, you may not know much about them. In contrast, an online sale means you can capture some information. For instance, you could learn more about the age, gender, or location of those customers.


Plus, it gives you a new way to promote future products, services, and special offers. Finally, it gives you data about their spending habits and what they’re likely to buy next.


Would you like to find out how an e-commerce site could open up extra sales opportunities? Contact us to discuss your requirements.


E-Commerce means Higher margins = higher profits.

A downside to conventional bricks and mortar stores is that your margins are low. That’s because you have to consider costs such as rent, utility bills, staffing, and more.


E-commerce sites are attractive to business owners because their overheads are lower. That means they can increase their firm’s bottom line and invest more in the business.


The cost of managing an online store is lower than you might think. Contact us to find out how little it’ll cost you to run an e-commerce store.


You can take advantage of mobile users using e-commerce.

Many of your customers will use a smartphone of some description. It’s also likely that a large proportion of those people will buy online via those devices!


With an e-commerce website, you can have a fluid design that adapts well to mobile screens. What that means for your customers is they can browse and buy on your site with ease. No zooming is required!


Did you know that some people make impulse purchases on their mobile devices? It might be because of a gift idea someone in person gave them. Or they could be browsing the Web while commuting to work.


Establishing an e-commerce website gives you easy access to that demographic. Some businesses even have apps created that tie into their e-commerce sites.


For more information on how such a site can help you target mobile users, speak to us today!


It’s a great way to increase brand awareness.

It doesn’t matter if you sell things made by your business or other companies. What does matter is how aware your target market is of your brand.


An e-commerce site enables you to increase your brand awareness in several ways:

  • Cross-promotion from social media drives traffic to your website;
  • Customers searching for the products you sell will see your brand in search engines;
  • Your products and services can appear on comparison sites.

There are scores of ways that setting up an e-commerce site can boost brand awareness. Drop us an email or call us to find out how.


You can establish niche markets and be a market leader in e-commerce.

It’s no secret that running a business means you have to keep on your toes. Of course, you could sit back and do nothing. But that won’t help you to increase sales and grow your organisation!


Did you know that an e-commerce website can help you establish niche markets? What’s more, you could also stay a market leader for the foreseeable future!


You might be thinking that sounds a bit “pie in the sky”, except it’s not. The Internet is a brilliant way to set up niche business markets. Having an e-commerce site is also the perfect way to make that happen.


So, how do you get started? Contact us today to discuss your needs and find out how we can help you with your new e-commerce website.

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