The Secret of a Good Web Design

Secrets of a Good Web Design

A website is the face of the company on the internet. In this digital age, success of a company depends on their online presence. A Good web design defines how the visitor views the brand’s position on the internet. The features on their company official website gives an insight into the business. The technologies in use along with easy accessibility enhances the company brand. Let us learn the facts about a good web design.

Important Aspects of a Good Web Design

Good website design is an investment, which will help build a business pipeline. Thus, a well-crafted website offers great usability and appeal. Many firms pay a large sum of money to make their website filled with latest designs. The key point they miss is that it not the graphics that keeps the visitor on your website. Visitors are looking for designs with simplicity. The visitor should be able to navigate the website with ease. Also they should be able to search any information on the website without much effort.


Navigation is the most significant aspect of any website. It plays a significant role in convincing the visitor to stay on. This more so true for websites having more than one page. A website’s navigation system considers it as normal when it is easy to identify and understand allowing the users to make easy and quick travel across the website. Sometimes fancy designs and typefaces distract the web designers while designing a navigation system. A simple navigation system makes it easy for the users attracting large number of customers.

Content for a Good Web Design

A designer or copywriter need to consider various elements while creating the content for a website. A brief message, which is both welcoming and warm at the same time, makes it easy for the reader to register the message. Clumsy text on a web page makes it difficult for the readers to read. A streamlined text helps the designer to create empty spaces, which allows the reader to rest their eyes while reading.


In addition, a company must include its logo, brand colours, brand imagery and messaging all across their website use their logo in different print materials like letterheads, pamphlets, business cards etc. This is because customers should be able to identify their brands throughout different communication channels that would help them in associating a brand with the concerned business. Changes in visual communication of a brand might make the customers uncomfortable creating a negative image of the company in their minds.


Website visitors generally read a webpage in the way they would read some book that is from left to right and from the top to the bottom. This is a key consideration for web designers when they design a website. The most significant information is placed on the column in the upper left hand. This helps in effective communication of the message across to the users. It should be noted that this improves SEO in multiple ways. Including keywords that are related to the company in html-based text helps the search engines identify the website in an easy manner that increases search engine placement enhancing the visibility of the firm and website manifold.
The most important step for a company is to build trust in the eyes of their customers that is possible only by knowing them and their values. Different marketing strategies help in interacting with the customers that in turn helps in identifying their needs and include these in the design. A website that looks trustworthy and welcoming to the visitors increases traffic and improves business.


The design of a website is the best way to create an environment, which is user-friendly. A website managed and designed professionally attracts customers’ repeatedly boosting business in many ways. A site, which takes more than three seconds to load generally, disinterests the users to enter a site. Web design and load time walk hand in hand. People are generally reluctant to pay for unique website designs even though it is most important in the success of a company. Website design is not only a design but an image of social media, branding, strategy, marketing and optimisation of user experiences. A good design must consider social media strategy, history of the company, branding, marketing automation, company mission and strategy, corporate ethics and competitive benefits.
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