Does my Business need a Digital Marketing Strategy ?

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Whether you are just starting on your small business journey or an established company owner, who is finding they are doing more business online, you will be happy to know you are not alone. Recent events have ensured we have all had a significant shift to a more online, connected, digital world. And if you are asking yourself, “Does my business need a digital marketing strategy?” The answer is a wholehearted YES!

The Importance of digital marketing for small businesses

When a small business initially opens to customers, it is common to focus on attracting the first clients through the door. Traditional means of advertising, such as print ads, flyers, and even outdoor, billboard-style advertising, may be used. Businesses may feel that customers would eventually find their way to them because they provide an excellent product or service. 

While this method may bring in a small amount of revenue, there is a better and more convenient way. Small businesses now, more than ever, need to think about the global marketplace of prospects online and how they may benefit from combining their traditional and digital marketing efforts. Digital channels should not be overlooked by any small business, regardless of how new it is, as a means of generating leads and converting curiosity into customers.

Fact: In 2020, 72% of marketing spending in the UK got allocated towards digital marketing!

Let’s look at the advantages of having a digital marketing strategy in place and how you can use online platforms to help your company grow and expand to maximise your customer base.

The following are the top five reasons we at Caerus feel every business should have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

To establish guidelines

Teams and individual employees may operate in separate and conflicting directions without a clear set of operating guidelines. Without a clear plan that everyone is aware of, it is unlikely that your organisation will achieve specified goals or targets. On the other hand, a business can use a clear, detailed digital marketing strategy with objectives and goals to guide the entire workforce. It keeps everyone on the same page and helps understand the business marketing goals and its current position in its industry.

To stay ahead of the competition.

Consider two identical firms that offer the same items, provide the same level of customer service, and provide the same value for money. Still, one has a comprehensive digital marketing strategy while the other does not. Which business do you believe will be the most successful? There’s little doubt that in a world where technology and the internet are increasingly important, the company with a digital marketing strategy will outperform its competitors. On the other hand, businesses that do not have an online marketing strategy miss out on obtaining many potential clients and keeping current customers engaged. These touch points are critical for branding and promoting a company’s visibility.

To maintain consistency

Brands that do not have an online marketing plan are likely to be aimless. They are inconsistent in their online job, whether it is social media posting, blog material development, or anything else. It’s easy to forget to remain on top of these things without a strategic plan, and online material becomes sporadic rather than clear and consistent.

To determine and measure success.

It’s impossible to measure success in online marketing without a solid plan and a clear understanding of your goals and objectives. Of course, obtaining a few Instagram followers is a good thing, but if your target audience doesn’t use Instagram, it won’t lead to any sales. Therefore, it’s critical to understand what you are working towards and why, and a digital marketing strategy can help with that.

To create a holistic marketing strategy.

A digital marketing strategy should always be the foundation of a holistic marketing strategy that includes offline marketing. Businesses will effectively provide a clear and consistent overall brand message across all platforms they use if they have a clear plan, both online and offline.

We’d be happy to speak with you if you think your business could benefit from a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy. Here at Caerus, we deliver excellent results at an affordable cost. Many small businesses have already benefited from our digital marketing and web design experience in attracting new customers while retaining your existing client base. Get in contact with us by calling 03330 116 652 or emailing, and we can explore how we can assist you by creating a bespoke digital marketing plan for your organisation.

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